Here for all of your CO2 and Ice needs!!

 Stuart Bagley was the Nicer Icer. He began by working for an ice delivery route. He slowly began buying more and more routes. After purchasing the routes, Frosty Stu would deliver the ice on his back in a canvas bag. He was dedicated to giving his customers (friends, family and neighbors) only the best. He later opened the company Bagley Ice and Carbonic. The company was open on May 5th 1942. Lucille Bagley handled the calls with her daughters Nancy and Lorna, while Stu and his sons Kent and Steve delivered. 
‚Äč In 1979 Frosty Stu began making his own ice instead of buying local ice. When winter hit, Frosty Stu knew that ice was not enough to keep the company going. He decided to add the carbonic to the name and began selling and refilling CO2 tanks. When Frosty Stu could no longer deliver the ice on his own he turned the company over to his daughter Nancy Bagley. She handles all the financing, while her husband Kerry Fonnesbeck, manages the ice machine and fills CO2 tanks.